My Story

As a United Stated Marine I was an Aircraft Mechanic on the AV-8B Harrier Jet. I started taking online courses toward my Electrical Engineering degree while in the service. I couldn't wait to get out and get my degree so I could start earning the big bucks!!! When I got out of active duty I went full time to a brick and mortar college in order to finish my degree. While in college, due to my military experience, I got hired as an associate engineer at a very respectable salary with a small , but incredible engineering company out of Staten Island, NY.  Through hard work and dedication I was promoted and given a raise at this engineering company that I owe a great deal to for the opportunity they gave me.

Shortly after my promotion I hear about a job opening back in AZ close to where I was stationed as a Marine. My military experience made me a good candidate so I applied, because at this point I was just over NY and wanted to move. BUT!!! When I went for the interview and they told me the salary I had to do everything in my power not to show my hand as the interviewer said... that's about what your getting paid in NY right? Needless to say it wasn't it was double because an Engineer's starting salary is much lower than that of an industrial mechanic, electrician, or Instrument and controls tech. At that moment I  knew I wanted the job so I handed the interviewer a thumb drive with my college courses hoping it would give me an edge... he laughed and said all you need to work here is a GED!!!

My Tale is a cautionary one... I took out massive student loans to pursue a career I thought was the only path to success. Through experience I now know that skilled trade is a forgotten practice that is in high demand and very well paid. That's why we support the Mike Rowe Works Foundation and its cause. Helping to give these kids the freedom to choose their future and get the message out!


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